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EMD 1953 Illinois Terminal 1605
EMD 1953
Illinois Terminal 1605
Description:Diesel-Electric GP-7

Equipment Information

Illinois Terminal 1605 is a diesel freight locomotive designed as a “road switcher” for general freight train service. It was acquired by the IT, an electric interurban line, so that the railroad could take down its overhead wires and convert to diesel-hauled freight service.

COMPARE ME WITH: Illinois Terminal 1565, an electric box-cab locomotive that was directly replaced by 1605. IT 1565 was built in 1910 and is rated at only half of the horsepower of the diesel.

Builder: Electro Motive Division GM
Year Built: 1953
Model: GP-7
Horsepower: 1500
Length: 55ft 9in
Width: 10ft 3in
Height: 14ft 6in
Weight: 240000 lbs
Brakes: 6BL
Engine: 16-567BC
Motors: 4 EMD D37B
Trucks: Blomberg B
Description: Diesel-Electric (Later No. 1506)
Arrived: 1984
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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