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AC&F 1930 Louisville & Nashville 2726
AC&F 1930
Louisville & Nashville 2726
Description:Dining Car

Equipment Information

L&N 2726 “Galt House” is an all-steel heavyweight dining car. Dining cars like this were used on long-distance passenger trains to provide meals to riders. The car is designed with a built-in kitchen where full meals were cooked and prepared while moving.

FUN FACT: The L&N named its dining cars for well-known restaurants and eateries along its route. The Galt House was a famous hotel and restaurant in downtown Louisville dating to before the Civil War that had burned down in 1921. Some fifty years later, in the 1970s, a new hotel was built nearby that assumed the storied name Galt House and that hotel is still in business.

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Builder: American Car & Foundry Company
Year Built: 1930
Seats: 36
Length: 83ft
Width: 10ft 5in
Height: 13ft 10in
Weight: 184000 lbs
Brakes: UC
Trucks: 6 Wheel
Description: Diner Galt House
Arrived: 1987
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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