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Alco 1956 Louisville & Nashville 314
Alco 1956
Louisville & Nashville 314
Description:Diesel-Electric FA-2

Equipment Information

Louisville & Nashville 314 is a diesel freight locomotive known as a “cab unit.” It was built for general freight train service on the L&N. It was later sold to the Long Island Railroad in New York, which rebuilt it as a “cab car” for use on double-ended (“push-pull”) commuter trains. It is the museum’s only “cab unit” built by Alco.

COMPARE ME WITH: Chicago & North Western 411, a “cab unit” built for nearly identical freight service. The C&NW engine was built by EMD, a direct competitor of Alco, and while its general layout is similar it differs from L&N 314 in countless details.

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Louisville & Nashville 314 Details

Builder: ALCO
Year Built: 1956
Model: FA-2
Length: 53ft 6in
Width: 10ft 4in
Height: 14ft 5in
Weight: 230000 lbs
Horsepower: 1600
Brakes: 24RL
Engine: 12-244G
Motors: 4 GE 752
Trucks: AAR-B
Description: Diesel-Electric / Ex LIRR 604
Arrived: 1996
Condition: Incomplete / undergoing restoration / not operational

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Photo gallery

Ownership History

1956-1971 – Louisville & Nashville #314
1971-1987 – Long Island Rail Road #604
1987-1996 – Feather River Rail Society, Portola, CA
1996-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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