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Milwaukee Road 1947 Milwaukee Road 649
Milwaukee Road 1947
Milwaukee Road 649
Description:Streamlined Coach

Equipment Information

Milwaukee Road 649 is a streamlined coach built in the railroad’s own shops. It was built as a “Touralux” sleeping car, a marketing name that the Milwaukee Road gave to its more modern cars fitted with open section sleeping accommodations, i.e. fold-down bunks separated only by curtains. In this guise the car was numbered 5772 and bore the name “Granite Falls.” In 1951 the car was rebuilt as a standard day coach numbered 552 and in 1956 it was renumbered as 649.

Builder: Milwaukee Road
Year built: 1947
Length: ??
Width: 10ft
Height: 13ft 6in
Weight: 120100 lbs
Trucks: Commonwealth Nystrom
Description: Streamlined Coach / ex-Touralux sleeper #5772 “Granite Falls”
Arrived: 2017
Condition: Complete / undergoing restoration / not operational

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