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Milwaukee Road 1929 Milwaukee Road X5001
Milwaukee Road 1929
Milwaukee Road X5001
Description:NE Caboose

Equipment Information

Milwaukee Road X5001 is an all-steel caboose rebuilt for use as a superintendent’s car. It was originally built by the railroad as a standard caboose with an offset cupola for providing better visibility over the train. It was later rebuilt with additional amenities and monitoring equipment for use by a railroad superintendent. It ended its career with the Soo Line, where it was also numbered X5001.

Builder: Milwaukee Road
Year built: 1929
Length: 41ft
Width: 11ft 1in
Height: 14ft 10in
Weight: ??
Brakes: ??
Trucks: ??
Description: Steel Caboose / Rebuilt as Superintendent Car / ex-Milwaukee Road 01612
Arrived: 2001
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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