St Louis 1927 Milwaukee & Suburban Transport 972
St Louis 1927
Milwaukee & Suburban Transport 972
Description:Double-end arch-roof safety car

Equipment Information

Milwaukee & Suburban Transport 972 is a typical streetcar of that city, built in 1927 to replace older wooden streetcars that were due for retirement. Cars like 972 closed out streetcar service in Milwaukee in 1958. The car has operated at IRM in the past but is currently out of service awaiting structural repair work.

COMPARE ME TO: Chicago Transit Authority 3142, a car of similar vintage that was built for similar use in Chicago. The Chicago car is heavier and was designed with bigger doors to facilitate loading and unloading of larger crowds.

Milwaukee & Suburban Transport 972 Details

Builder: St. Louis Car Company
Year Built: 1927
Seats: 55
Length: 45ft
Width: 8ft 8in
Height: 12ft
Weight: 37020 lbs
Brakes: SME
Motors: 4 GE 265J
Control: K35JJ
Compressor: DH-16
Trucks: StL 64EIB
Description: Double End / Double Truck / Arch Roof / Safety
Arrived: 1958
Condition: Complete / restored / not operational

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M&ST 972 Ownership History

1927-1938 – The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company
1938-1953 – The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transport Company
1953-1958 – Milwaukee & Suburban Transport
1958-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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