St Louis 1947 New Jersey Transit 4
St Louis 1947
New Jersey Transit 4
Description:Single-end arch-roof all-electric PCC

Equipment Information

New Jersey Transit 4 is a typical postwar PCC streamlined streetcar. It originally ran for Twin City Rapid Transit and operated in Minneapolis and St. Paul until that streetcar system was closed in 1953. Car 4 then went to Newark, New Jersey where it entered service on that city’s subway/surface transit system. It remained in service until August 2001, when modern light rail vehicles replaced the PCC cars in Newark. The car is complete but unrestored.

FUN FACT: Car 4 is the only American streetcar at IRM that operated into the 21st century in normal daily service.

COMPARE ME TO: Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority 63, an identical PCC which was built for Twin City Rapid Transit but was sold to Cleveland instead of Newark in the 1950s. The different changes made to the two cars during their service lives include different doors, interior fixtures, window treatments, and paint jobs.

New Jersey Transit 4

Builder: St. Louis Car Company
Year Built: 1946
Seats: 54
Length: 46ft 5in
Width: 9ft
Height: 10ft 2in
Weight: 37900 lbs
Brakes: All Electric
Motors: 4 GE 1220E1
Control: GE 17KM12N2
Trucks: Clark B2
Description: Single End / Double Truck / Arch Roof / One Man / Electric PCC
Arrived: 2014
Condition: Complete / cosmetically restored / not operational

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NJT 4 Ownership History

1946-1953 – Twin City Rapid Transit #323
1953-1971 – Public Service Coordinated Transport
1971-1980 – Transport of New Jersey
1980-2005 – New Jersey Transit
2005-2014 – City of Bayonne, NJ
2014-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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