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Budd 1959 Northern Pacific 325
Budd 1959
Northern Pacific 325
Description:Stainless 24Rm 8DbRm Slumbercoach

Equipment Information

NP 325 “Loch Sloy” is a streamlined “Slumbercoach” sleeping car. The “Slumbercoach” design consisted of a number of tiny single-occupant rooms, each with a seat that could convert into a bunk for sleeping. To increase capacity, rooms were staggered between upper and lower bunks so that bunks were directly above or beneath the bunk of the adjacent room. “Loch Sloy” is one of only 18 “Slumbercoaches” built by Budd.

COMPARE ME WITH: CB&Q 493, a more typical sleeping car built three years earlier, in 1956. The NP 325 sleeps 40 people, far more than the CB&Q car, meaning that with the “Slumbercoach” the railroad could economically offer private sleeping accommodations at a lower price.

Builder: Budd Mfg. Company
Year Built: 1959
Seats: 40
Length: 85ft
Trucks: 4 Wheel
Description: Slumbercoach Loch Sloy
Arrived: 2003
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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