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Railroad Passenger and Baggage Cars

Pullman 1923 Pullman
Pullman 1923
Pullman 'Mt Harvard'
Description:10 Sec Lounge-Solarium

Equipment Information

Pullman car “Mt Harvard” is an all-steel lounge-solarium-sleeping car. It features an enclosed “solarium” lounge compartment with 180-degree views from the back of the train and “section” seating that could be converted overnight into bunks separated by heavy curtains.

FUN FACT: This car is named after Mount Harvard, the third highest peak in the American Rocky Mountains, which is located southeast of Aspen, Colorado.

COMPARE ME WITH: Similar car “Inglehome,” which retains its older-style open observation platform. The “Mt Harvard” was built with an open platform but was modernized with an enclosed rear end during the 1940s.

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Builder: Pullman/Pullman-Standard
Year Built: 1923
Description: Heavyweight Sleeper/Solarium/Lounge
Arrived: 2015
Condition: Complete / undergoing restoration / not operational

Ownership History
1923-???? – Pullman
????-1961 – Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific
1961-1971 – Wabash Frisco & Pacific Association, St. Louis, MO
1971-1973 – Privately owned, Fond du Lac, WI
1973-1987 – Privately owned, North Freedom, WI
1987-2015 – Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WI
2015-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL