Kuhlman 1914 Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 18
Kuhlman 1914
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 18
Description:Single-end arch-roof center entrance

Equipment Information

Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 18 is a rare example of a center-entrance suburban streetcar. The car was built in 1914 for the Cleveland street railway system but the center-entrance fad in streetcar design was short-lived. In 1921 the car was resold to the Shaker Heights suburban line and it operated there for some four decades. The car was acquired by IRM in 2013 and is complete but unrestored.

Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 18 Details

Builder: G.C. Kuhlman Car Company
Year Built: 1914
Seats: 59
Length: 51ft
Width: 8ft 5in
Height: 11ft 8in
Weight: 47000 lbs
Brakes: SME
Motors: 4 WH 340
Control: HL-15E1
Compressor: BB2
Trucks: Brill 68E1
Description: Single End / Double Truck / Arch Roof / Center Entrance / Suburban
Arrived: 2013
Condition: Complete / under restoration / operational

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SHRT 18 Ownership History

1914-1921 – Cleveland Railway #1218
1921-1944 – Cleveland Interurban Railroad #1218
1944-1961 – Shaker Heights Rapid Transit #18
1961-2006 – Trolleyville USA, North Olmsted, OH
2006-2009 – Lake Shore Electric Railway, Cleveland, OH
2009-2013 – Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
2013-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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