Hawker-Siddeley 1979 Toronto Transit Commission 4034
Hawker-Siddeley 1979
Toronto Transit Commission 4034
Description:Single-end arch-roof CLRV

Equipment Information

By far the newest and most modern streetcar preserved at the museum is Toronto Transit Commission 4034. It is a CLRV, which stands for Canadian Light Rail Vehicle, and is a design developed in the 1970s for a streetcar to replace aging PCC cars then in use in Toronto. It remained in daily use until 2019.

FUN FACT: Not only is car 4034 the newest streetcar preserved at IRM, it’s the newest by decades. It was built some 30 years after our next-newest streetcar, CTA 4391, and hit the streets some 20 years after car 4391 was already in a museum.

Toronto Transit Commission 4034

Builder: Hawker-Siddely Canada Ltd
Year Built: 1979
Seats: 42
Length: 49ft 11in
Width: 8ft 6in
Height: 11ft 11in
Weight: 50012 lbs
Brakes: Air-Electric
Motors: 2 Garrett 625184
Control: Garrett Chopper
Compressor: Knorr VV64/100-3
Trucks: CLRV-4-1
Description: Single End / Double Truck / Arch Roof / CLRV
Arrived: 2019
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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TTC 4034 Ownership History

1979-2019 – Toronto Transit Commission
2019-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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