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GE 1960 Union Pacific 18B
GE 1960
Union Pacific 18B
Description:GT-E Turbine B Unit

Equipment Information

Union Pacific 18B is part of the most powerful locomotive ever built in America. It is the main power unit and contains a turbine engine, similar to a jet engine. The full locomotive is rated at 10,000hp and also includes a cab unit and a tender to carry fuel for the turbine. These locomotives were designed specifically to pull freight trains between Omaha, Nebraska and Ogden, Utah and this locomotive is one of only two preserved. The poor fuel economy and high maintenance costs of the turbine led to the retirement of these locomotives in the late 1960s.

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Builder: General Electric
Year Built: 1960
Model: 8500 GTEL
Horsepower: 8500
Length: 165ft 11in
Width: 10ft
Height: 16ft
Weight: 849248 lbs
Brakes: 26L (Loco) / AB (Fuel Tender)
Engine: Cooper-Bessemer (A unit) / Gas-Turbine (B unit)
Motors: 12 GE 752E4
Trucks: GSC
Description: Turbine-Electric (B unit)
Arrived: 1993
Condition: Incomplete / cosmetically restored / not operational

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