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Budd 1936 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 150
Budd 1936
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 150
Description:Nebraska Zephyr Dining Car

Equipment Information

CB&Q 150 “Ceres” is one of the five cars that make up the Nebraska Zephyr streamlined train. It is a dining car, designed with a built-in kitchen where full meals were cooked and prepared while moving. The car is articulated at both ends, which means that it shares its trucks with the adjacent cars in the train and cannot be uncoupled.

FUN FACT: The kitchen on the “Ceres” is fully functional, including its coal-fired stove. It has been used many times to provide meal service on the train, both during special events at the museum and during excursions to other destinations using the Nebraska Zephyr.

Builder: Budd Mfg. Company
Year Built: 1936
Seats: 32
Length: 64ft
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 12ft 10in
Weight: 65250 lbs
Brakes: HSC-D22
Trucks: Budd (Articulated)
Description: Diner Ceres
Arrived: 1968
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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