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Budd 1956 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 493
Budd 1956
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 493
Description:Stainless 10Rmet 6DbBrm

Equipment Information

CB&Q 493 “Silver Ridge” is a streamlined sleeping car. It is designed for long-distance accommodation and features private rooms that can be converted from daytime seating into nighttime bunks. It has a mix of 10 roomettes, small compartments intended for a single occupant, and six double bedrooms, larger two-person compartments that included a bathroom.

COMPARE ME WITH: Great Northern “John McLoughlin,” a heavyweight sleeping car built in 1929. The older heavyweight car sleeps about the same number of people as the “Silver Ridge” but uses mostly open sections, essentially bunks closed off by a curtain. By the 1950s, sections had mostly been supplanted by roomettes, which afforded travelers much more privacy.

Builder: Budd Mfg. Company
Year Built: 1956
Seats: 22
Length: 85ft
Trucks: 4 Wheel
Description: Sleeper Silver Ridge
Arrived: 2003
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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