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Budd 1936 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 960
Budd 1936
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 960
Description:Nebraska Zephyr Power Car/Coach

Equipment Information

CB&Q 960 “Venus” is one of the five cars that make up the Nebraska Zephyr streamlined train. It is the first car, located closest to the engine, and is designed as a combination power car and coach. At the front of the car are three diesel engines which power the lights and air conditioning for the entire train. As built the rear of the car featured a bar and lounge area but this was later changed to a coach seating section. The “Venus” is articulated at its rear, which means that it shares a truck with the car behind it and cannot be uncoupled at that end.

Builder: Budd Mfg. Company
Year Built: 1936
Seats: 36
Length: 76ft 3in
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 13ft 10in
Weight: 98000 lbs
Brakes: HSC-D22
Trucks: Budd (Articulated)
Description: Power Car/Coach Venus
Arrived: 1968
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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