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EMC 1940 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9911A
EMC 1940
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9911A
Description:Diesel-Electric E-5A

Equipment Information

Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9911A “Silver Pilot” is the museum’s most famous diesel locomotive. It was built to haul the railroad’s Zephyr passenger trains and was designed for a top speed of 115mph. It was one of only a few passenger diesel locomotives ever clad entirely in stainless steel so that it could match its train. It was acquired in 1968 to pull the Nebraska Zephyr train set at the museum.

COMPARE ME WITH: Santa Fe 92, an FP45 locomotive built in 1967. While 9911A is the oldest passenger diesel at IRM, 92 is the newest. The FP45 has one large diesel engine (“prime mover”) compared with 9911A’s two smaller engines and has boxier, more utilitarian styling.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9911A “Silver Pilot” Details

Builder: Electro Motive Corporation
Year Built: 1940
Model: E-5A
Horsepower: 2000
Length: 70ft 4in
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 14ft
Weight: 314800 lbs
Brakes: HSC-D22ER
Engine: Two 12-567A
Motors: EMD D17 / 3 EMD D27
Trucks: Blomberg A1A
Description: Diesel-Electric / Silver Pilot (Ex C&S 9952A)
Arrived: 1969
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

Photo gallery

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Ownership History

1940-1955 – Chicago Burlington & Quincy #9911A
1955-1968 – Colorado & Southern #9952A
1968-1969 – Electro-Motive Division, McCook, IL
1969-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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