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St Louis 1913 Michigan Electric 28
St Louis 1913
Michigan Electric 28
Description:Single-end arch-roof steel combine

Equipment Information

Michigan Electric 28 is an all-steel combination passenger-baggage car built for use on the interurban network in southern Michigan. It is an early example of all-steel passenger car construction and was built to operate on either 600 volts or 1200 volts DC. It was retired in 1929 and its body made into a cottage. Acquired by IRM in 1972, it is in the midst of a multi-year rebuilding and restoration effort to return it to its 1920s appearance. It is one of only three preserved interurban cars from the state of Michigan.

Builder: St. Louis Car Company
Year Built: 1913
Seats: 56
Length: 61ft 9in
Width: 8ft 10in
Height: 12ft 11in
Weight: 106000 lbs
Brakes: AMM
Motors: 4 WH 557 (A5)
Control: WH HLF
Compressor: WH D3-EG
Trucks: Baldwin 84-30A
Description: Single End / Double Truck / Arch Roof / Steel Combine
Arrived: 1972
Condition: Incomplete / undergoing restoration / not operational

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Ownership History
1914-1916 – Michigan United Traction #28
1916-1923 – Michigan Railways #28
1923-1929 – Michigan Electric #28
1929-1972 – Privately owned (house)
1972-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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