American 1913 Tri City Railway & Light 483
American 1913
Tri City Railway & Light 483
Description:Double-end deck-roof car

Equipment Information

Tri City Railway & Light 483 ran for the street railway company in the Quad Cities. It was built in the aftermath of a devastating car barn fire in June 1913 that destroyed a large portion of the company’s streetcars. It is the only surviving streetcar from the Quad Cities and a rare example of a streetcar from the state of Illinois outside of the Chicago area. It was rescued as a body and is in storage awaiting restoration.

FUN FACT: Car 483 is one of only two pieces of equipment at the museum known to have spent time underwater. Between the 1930s and early 2000s it was a cabin in Cordova, Illinois along the Mississippi River and was flooded nearly to the roof more than once. Can you guess the other?

Tri City Railway & Light 483 Details

Builder: American Car Company
Year Built: 1913
Seats: 40
Length: 43ft 11in
Width: 8ft 7in
Height: 11ft 4in
Weight: 40000 lbs
Brakes: Straight Air
Motors: 4 WH 323
Control: K-35G
Compressor: CP-27
Trucks: Brill 51E1
Description: Double End / Double Truck / Deck Roof / Wood
Arrived: 2001
Condition: Incomplete / unrestored / not operational

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