Pullman Library Overview

The Illinois Railway Museum’s Pullman Library was formed in 1992 with the acquisition of Pullman Companies materials from Pullman Technology, a division of Bombardier of Canada. The Pullman Library supplies copies of materials in the collection under license from Bombardier who holds title. The Pullman Library is not open to the public except by appointment.

Content includes drawings, documents and data from Pullman (Pullman-Standard, Osgood Bradley, Haskell & Barker, Standard Steel, Standard Motor Truck, Trailmobile); Budd (Edw. G. Budd Mfg. Co.); a variety smaller collections of railroad car vendors (Adams & Westlake, General Electric, Vaper Corp. and others) and small collections for railroads (BN, IC, NYC, PC, PRR). Click here for more detailed collections and ordering information

Pullman Library Contact Information

While we move the Pullman Library to its new site on the IRM campus, we are unable to accept phone and email inquiries. Inquiries made via US Mail during this time will still be addressed but order fulfillment is currently on hold during the move.

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