Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t you locate xxxxx?

    • The collections at the Pullman Library encompass over 1 million drawings, hundreds of boxes of correspondence and financial records, passenger car specifications and drawing lists, marketing department materials, photos, negatives, index books, company publications and reference material. The collection is constantly being indexed and organized. There are over 35 file cabinets of material. The collection is physically stored in three locations. The volunteers attempt to respond to all inquiries and orders in a timely fashion. There is one designated day per week that the Library is staffed. With order fulfillment, conservation, organization ongoing, there isn’t a lot of free time to index all of the material. There are multiple indexing efforts that are in process, but the sheer numbers of drawings (and their condition) prohibit rapid results. Many indexes that Pullman had for their internal use are missing or in other collections and are unavailable to us, and in some cases (like the wood car drawings), Pullman saw no need to retain indexes for material no longer in inventory. The Pullman Library did not receive a full set of drawings, index books, photos, negatives, specifications or correspondence. There are known gaps.

2. What other drawings are available? (not usually found in Specifications & Drawing Lists)

    • Facility maps and building drawings & photos – especially drawings of the Michigan City plant
    • Truck Brake drawings – show consist of a specific passenger train with each car identified providing weights, braking requirements, and other data
    • Drawings from the New York Central
    • Drawings and maintenance manuals for Amtrak

3. What sketches or drawings might be of particular interest?

    • Color & Design (C&D) department sketches providing full-sized full alphabet drawings for specific lettering types
    • C&D sketches for specific lettering groups on specific cars (U.S. Mail; BAGGAGE & EXPRESS; RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, etc.) with size & paint information
    • Sketches for tail signs / drumheads
    • C&D sketches for internal design elements (speaker covers, upholstery, vases, murals, images, etc.)

4. Are there drawings related to military contracts available?

    • Most drawings related to Department of Defense orders were either retained by the DoD or returned to the DoD. There are some minor drawings that pertain to various projects. They are currently not indexed.

5. Are there drawings related to automobile and radio manufacturing available?

    • While Pullman manufactured bodies for Packard, wagons for John Deere, and radio cabinets for the Edison Company, no related drawings have been identified so far in the collection

6. Who uses the information at the Pullman Library?

    • Car Owners
    • Historians
    • Historical Societies
    • Legal Firms (under special license)
    • Model Makers
    • Model Manufacturers
    • Museums
    • Other Archives

7. Typical Order Fulfillment Process

    • Receiver Inquiry – Letter, e-mail, phone call
    • Search for – drawings, photos, specifications, drawing lists, other material
    • Send – Estimate; Price & Ordering Guide; License for signature
    • Receive – Signed License; Approved Estimate; Check to IRM with “Pullman Drawings” on memo line
    • Copy – drawings, photos, specifications, drawing lists, other material as ordered
    • Send Order – via Priority Mail; Invoice marked “Paid”; Turn check in to IRM for the Pullman Library account

8. Payment Methods

    • Check
    • Money Order

9. Pullman Lot Numbers (brief overview)

    • Lots 1 – 500 Pullman Car Works – Chicago
    • Lots 1 – 500 Detroit Car Works
    • Lots 500 plus can be freight and passenger mixed
    • Lots 1000 to 4999 Pullman passenger equipment
    • Lots 5000 to 5999 Pullman freight equipment
    • Lots 5000 + Haskell & Barker (Pullman overlap)
    • Lots 6000 to 7000+ Pullman & P-S passenger
    • Lots 8000 to 9999 Pullman freight equipment
    • Lots 1000+ Pullman freight equipment

10. Internal (to Pullman Library for internal use only) search tools we can use to help you

    • Internal Construction Record Listing (on paper & on line)
    • Private Car Construction (on paper & on line)
    • Drawing Index Books
    • Pullman Palace Car Drawings List – 1893 – 1910 for 80% of the drawings in the Pullman Library
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