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Pullman Car Works, Chicago The Pullman Library at the Illinois Railway Museum consists of a large collection of drawings from the Pullman Car Works (PCW) and subsidiary companies of Pullman Standard. The indexing of this collection is ongoing, as many drawings remain to be collated and listed. For the Chicago-built

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Lenore Ettinger

The largest railway museum in the USA – and they run demonstrations of many working trains. The trains vary from 1800s steam engines to the recently retired CTA Red Line trains. They have old Pullman cars which are nicely displayed.

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Media inquiries are always welcome Railroading has made for riveting stories for nearly two centuries. Since the 1950s the Illinois Railway Museum has been happy to host many reporters, photographers, bloggers, travel writers, film crews, and even movie productions. Media inquiries can be placed at the bottom of this page

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Family fun at the Illinois Railway Museum

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The Illinois Railway Museum has the largest collection of historic railway equipment in America. When you plan your visit, plan on spending the day. From horse-drawn streetcars to million-pound steam locomotives, from sleek streamliners to workaday boxcars, there's a LOT to see! Please check the operating schedule and our calendar

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The Illinois Railway Museum’s preservation mission isn’t limited to the trains themselves. Preservation of historical documentation is also a vital function of the museum. To that end, IRM maintains two separate libraries, one located off-site: the Pullman Library on the IRM campus and the Strahorn Library in downtown Marengo, about

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